Friday, April 06, 2007

Changing Mobile Number

I in the past week changed my mobile phone, which for me is very unusual, especially as I had the previous one for about 18 months and the one before that for about 4 years until it broke. I moved over 3, which despite the problems my other half has had with them offered a £15 a month for life deal as long as I don't change the price plan, easily done for me. Thus saving me money on the PAYG I had with vodafone.

Well 3 did what they always do, not follow the sell they have on their website, I got no memory card as they claimed I would, though after complaining, they credited the account with the money so I could buy one, too right in my mind.

What I didn't do that was clever was to notify those who needed to know that I changed my number in a good manner. I managed to send a text saying my number had changed, but didn't say who I was, ensue masses of texts asking who the hell I was. I have no idea why I didn't put my name until afterwards, but I didn't, must have been half asleep, but when people realised it was me, plenty of laughs, etc as to how I managed to screw up what is a simple operation.

So if you do change your mobile phone and number, don't do what I did, be a clever person and add your name to a text.


Klite said...

I was driving to work 3am saturday morning when i got your text. i thought it was one of the muppets at work panicking as usual.
BTW saw the ant at nemo

Speakers Corner said...

I did say that I screwed up, assumed that it would leave people wondering what the hell happened.

Fintan said...

I have lost count how many texts I get when people forget to add their name.
But you could have played tricks on them like it has happened to me in the past see my blog

iceman said...

Quick question. Why didn't you keep your old number, it's free to do and all networks do it these days. You just get a PAC number from your old provider and give that to the new one... worked fine for me anyway :)