Sunday, September 17, 2006

OU D317

To my utter surprise the other day I got my TMA 05 back and with a score which has left me very pleased, almost perfect please except I was 3 marks away from a 1st class essay to go with the one I got for my TMA 04.

I am tickled pink, seriously. I know I find essays hard to do, even though Z says I should do more writing as she feels it seems to come naturally to me. Heck no, but amazing what perceptions come across. Z felt this essay was my best, shame she wasn't marking it.

After all my worries I secured a very high score, just missing a 1st class essay score.

Can I do the same for the last one, which I am in the process of writing as I type this - Word is open with it part written, waiting for more to be typed in. I know I have to finish it today despite it not needing to be in until the 27th September, it is just I need as much time as possible for the exam, which is on the 19th October and I hate exams, I really hate exams.

No matter how hard I prepare, I always stuff them up, call it stupidity, call it nerves, call it what you will, it is partly why I struggled as an academic when I was younger and still do to this day. Exams are a bug bear for me. I know if I can get 55% above for the exam I will get a 2.2 for this module, which is okay, though I would prefer a 2.1, but that would require 70% for the exam, and I don't think in my living memory I have ever been that fortunate no matter the subject matter.

Oh well back to the TMA 06 and here is to hoping I get another good score, at least it will give me some confidence I can do this study lark, after 10+ years of not having done it.


City Slicker said...

Like the blog
Will definitely check back
Also cool title!

Speakers Corner said...

Glad you like, please do come back and read, in a few weeks it will probably get going again, once my exams are finished.