Thursday, July 13, 2006

Time for an English Parliament?

I think the time for an English Parliament is overdue, would fix the inconsistencies that exist in the current system, plus restore true democracy to the UK, and also give all areas the autonomy they seek and deserve.

At the weekend in the Observer there was an article - Voters back English-only parliament

Which showed how things have changed dramatically since devolution and how the people of England are calling for their own parliament. A lot of this has come to a head recently with the so called West Lothian Question being raised again.

This is how would it be possible that a devolved parliament in Scotland affect the state of the union and what are the consequences of it. Due to Gordon Brown trying to sell his Britishness and trying to overcome the issue which is affecting a lot of the voters he wants to appeal to, which is how is it that a Scottish MP would be allowed to be Prime Minister, but would be able to vote on issues that don’t affect his constituents like health, education, etc and thus as is being suggested by many, and I can’t really disagree, ensure that the English get a raw deal.

A website for those who wish to read more and see more of the injustice that the English are suffering at the hands of the Scottish MPs, and not just the English, but the Welsh too. Right now a Scottish MP can dictate Education, Health and on Wednesday Tony Blair paved the way for a new generation of Nuclear power stations but only in England. Gee thanks Mr.Blair, appreciate that one a great deal. That wasn't a sham now was it?!?!?!

The website is called Campaign for an English Parliament

Latest News on the campaign

When will this government realise that the English are actually growing ever restless and until we have the same level of rights as the Scottish, Northern Irish and the Welsh, it will get worse and worse. The level of spending in this country is highest in Scotland despite the fact that for the whole of the UK, London has 3 of the poorest boroughs, yep, London, something which people seem to happily ignore.

This will not change, and I along with many others feel that the sooner we have our own English Parliament, the more content we will become, plus the option to dictate our own policy and not have interfering Scottish MPs whom can’t dictate Health, Education, etc in their own country ensure that we in England are worse off.

Mr. Blair, get real, finish the job with devolution, do it correctly and fairly and you might actually leave a legacy worth leaving, right now, that isn’t going to happen.


JGJones said...

Except one thing....

The Welsh actually get much more of a raw deal than the English - the Welsh Assembly doesn't have that much power at all - any law England pass automatically applies to Wales as well.

Due to the Union between Wales and England - they almost are a one country when it comes to legal and economy etc.

Once Wales get some power of their own and for the English to stop dicating their powers over Wales can Wales be the same as Scotland etc and then England can go and have its own Government.

MM said...

Self autonomy for taffies IS long overdue ! Make Wales like Switzerland and charge the English for everything as well, especially our water which keeps northern england and the Midlands awash, and we pay MORE for.

If England has it's own parliament the only real losers are the Scots. As for a 'Union' of England and Wales it was forced on us by conquest, and resulted in Wales not being recognised on the 'Union' flag as well.

The real issue is the English struggle with an identity, not an issue us welsh have :) The problem in Wales is we don't know our AM's from our MP's, I'd like to see thos sorted out,mainly by dumping the freeloading MP's.

Give us Liberty, or give us a decent cut..... :)

Speakers Corner said...

Hi to all,

From my understanding the Welsh Assembly has more power than the GLA we have in London, though with the recent power change announced just before the weekend, maybe that isn't the case anymore.

Saw a report on the BBC website, which is saying that the leader of the SNP is actually supporting the drive towards independence

I am sure that can be read in many different ways, but still if it means each country gets its own parliament and say on its own affairs then all the better I say.

Give each country the power to determine its own future, and finish what was started back in 1997 when Labour came to power instead of this awful mess we have now.

It would also remove the need for the Barnett formula, which so many people in England feel is unfair. Funny how the Scots say it is more than fair, especially as they get the most money per head.....

Beat Slot Machines said...

So simply does not happen