Monday, July 17, 2006

Save our Seats campaign - Metropolitan Line new S Stock

For those who in live in London and especially those who use the Metropolitan line regularly, this will be of great interest to you.

Metronet are going to introduce new rolling stock as of 2009 called S stock on the Met line. These trains will remove up to 30% of the seats that exist on the current stock.

That is quite a high figure, and they claim it is all down to meeting new disability legislation. This doesn’t make sense at all, that is to be honest an over reaction, a serious over reaction. You might expect to lose maybe 15% at most, but what they are proposing is just mind numbingly stupid.

To top it off, they are also proposing to have a single carriage instead of 8 separate ones. This stock will also be narrower, which for anyone who travels a large part of the Met line will tell you, that can’t be a good thing.

This hasn’t been thought out at all well, and I am pleased that papers like Harrow Observer, Pinner Observer, Harrow Leader, etc are trying to get something done. At least someone is thinking with their heads.

More information on the campaign

Even more information as to what is happening

Pictures of the new S Stock
Can anyone honestly tell me these don’t look narrower and have fewer seats?

There is also to be a petition at Harrow on the Hill station later this week to drum up more support. For those who travel through this station and don’t want up to be in a situation where you are even more packed in like cattle in a truck, then sign up.

I already have done so, and spread the word, you will be glad to have the option for a seat in the future. These plans ensure it being nigh on impossible to ever get a seat.


iceman said...

What a joke. I just spent an hour travelling on the Met from Farringdon to HoH in cattle-like conditions, on a train that changed destination like a chameleon, given four different excuses for the delays, and now this?

Sick of it.

JGJones said...

Less seats = more standing room.

More train images can be found here

Klite said...

they are narrow possibly becasue they want to use them on other lines (subsurface not deep level).
thye look awful and the seats are too small. they look like bus seats so when you sit in them you will be wider than the seat and you will be banging up against your neighbour. the disabled won't be able to get on as there won't be any space. Even if they could they would be thrown around by the poor suspension and lack of "things" to lock the wheelchair in place. Also it look like more things to rattle loose and fall off, again think of the local buses built like a cage that rattles on every bump. If they are making it smaller then they have room for AC. Why don't they look at other countries to see how they achieve better facilities..oh that right they did and they took the worse !

Klite said...

you are on the london underground blog

City Slicker said...

Indeed iceman.

The transport failures will be the ultimate crippling effect on Lodnon's future.

How can we compete globally with the current (and heaven forbid proposed) options.

Absurd. Embarassing and more absurd.

mpj said...

Those travelling from Amersham have concerns. Some more pictures can be found at

mpj said...

Sorry, last post did not work. To see pictures go to and visit the forum where there is a thread in the local transport section or click mpj above

Anonymous said...

I,m pleased with the new 2009 stock cause it goin to be much more reliable than the s-stock,cause it's being tested, it will last much longer,it looks much safer and stronger,than the new s-stocks,but the new s-stock could be a problem solver and give alot of new innovations e.g biggest losers make the biggest winners at the end of the day.s-stocks interior looks rubbish like a bus though it reminds me of stinking bendy-buses.

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