Sunday, March 12, 2006

Travelling bug

No I haven’t caught a bug whilst travelling, rather that I seem to have a bug for travelling. Like many people these days, I do like the idea of going to experience an area in small doses and take in what is special about that area.

This year I have already been to Slovakia, I am also intending a lot of travel in the coming months, much more than I have done in a while, and it struck me as to wonder why I seem to have a wunderlust, and why it has been stoked up so much in recent times.

My family is certainly a family that has historically been spread wide and far, and always tended to marry people from other nations, my own parents are English and American, and their own parents, at least one was a foreigner to these shores, even close members of my immediate family are currently abroad as well. So I do think that has had some bearing on the situation. I also with thought realised that being with Z has meant it has come back to the fore as well. With Z being Slovakian, and also having a lust for travelling, heck she wanted to be a stewardess too, travel has become high on our list for the coming future.

This year, we already did Slovakia, we will also be off to Paris come May, going to be going to Slovakia again in June, plus Krakow in Poland, Budapest in Hungary, Bratislava in Slovakia, Vienna in Austria, Prague in Czech Republic, Belfast in Northern Ireland, and we did also consider other places depending on finances of course.

If by chance anyone reading this has been the above places and can recommend places to see or eat, etc in the above, please leave a message, other people’s recommendations are appreciated and help a lot.

Next year – 2007 will be a big one, we already have it in the planning stages, and intend to visit Malaysia for 3 weeks, and might well visit other neighbouring places as well whilst there. Thankfully with family out there, it helps all the while, and it should be good to see members of the family for the first time in a while.

It is funny mind, that living in London, you would think I would do so much of what is on my own doorstep, but despite living here all my life, and being someone who on the one hand sells London as a place to visit and see, I also find it lacking in many ways too, but there is so much of this city I have yet to experience and I really need to do so, especially as it is on my doorstep. Maybe I need to take a tourist view of London and then I will find more of the place to discover. London is bursting with so much in it, it seems daft to let it all just go to waste, though with the current problems of the tube and that the next 3-5 years will be ruined by constant engineering works which always seem to overrun, one has to temper the desire to go around the city with the practicalities of living in the ‘burbs


Ian White said...

Give me a couple days, I'll dig up some Vienna stuff for you.
I was there last year and have a couple of friends in Bertelsman who will recommend some places.

great city.
I do remember that 'beer hospital' was a great pub/restuarant.


Speakers Corner said...

That would be fantastic, as I need to book very soon, and think about what to do and where.

Thanks again