Sunday, March 12, 2006

Good behaviour for teens

Paying Teenagers for good behaviour

I read this headline on the BBC website the other day and I sat there in disbelief. The MP called Gordon Brown, the so called leader in waiting of the Labour party is actually suggesting to reward teenagers for good behaviour.

What the f**k!!!, rewarding teenagers for behaviour that you would expect out of them. Well thank you Gordon for wanting to give these kids my hard earned cash into their hands to spend as they wish, when they should be behaving anyway.

If you were to say that you were going to ensure that there were more activities for them to do, places to go, places to hang out instead of the street corner, then maybe I would be more willing to accept it.

These kids these days are bribed so much. This announcement goes along with the fact they pay children above the age of 16 to stay in education. They are paid £50 a week to encourage them to study more, whereas the incentive should be to show them what they can achieve with a better education instead of bribing them, what makes this bribing all for nought is when you decide to charge them for university, and will make many of those you just spent £50 a week bribing to keep them off the unemployment figures will then either work, or sit doing nothing.

This scheme doesn’t do anything to encourage teenagers to be well behaved, especially if nothing is there to back it up. I can see this be another hair brained scheme thought of by someone who really doesn’t understand a single thing about teenagers, and actually ensuring that they are listened and respected, which is what most teenagers want.

What also might be a good idea is to ensure the parents teach their children how to behave. If you look through all the hot air around this, it is focusing mainly on the chavs of this world, whom many would say are nothing but a waste of space. I won’t get into my personal view, although the idea of chav hunting instead of fox hunting doesn’t seem such a bad idea……..

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