Friday, December 14, 2007

Blew it

It is the day of the result for my OU course. Sadly the result isn’t what I hoped for and I feel I worked so hard for. If I am truthful I am feeling extremely gutted and disappointed by the result.

For me I had hoped to get a second class honours, and I ended up with a third class honours. Okay this is my second degree and as I am told I should be proud to have achieved what I have given I was doing it part-time and I had a lot of other pressures one wouldn’t have expected to have in the course of a 4 year part-time degree, but there is still that overriding feeling of having not achieved the minimum I set for myself.

I know others feel pleased and happy for me, but it like that feeling I suppose when you work so hard for something, you feel there is a minimum payback for all the effort and through the course know your work is good enough for a second class, and you fall at the final hurdle. It leaves you feeling bruised and battered.

One had also hoped to put this on one’s CV in the future, but I know how the businesses would see it, a third class to them, even when done part-time and as a second degree is not worth anything, just like they see anything below 2.1 as nothing.

It just leaves a bad taste for me, all the hard work and not as much to show for it as one had hoped.

It also makes me wonder if I should pursue an MSc in my first degree or not, would I make it against this background of the past four years. I know I still have to save up first for the course, but am I academically strong enough to ensure I get a good mark.

Arggh, just feel shot down for it. If anyone has been in the similar position, please tell me, how you approached it from this point in.

Not the Christmas present I was hoping for.

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mu said...

sorry to hear the news mate - best of luck with stuff to come.