Sunday, June 10, 2007

Embarrassing Brits abroad

This week it was reported in a number of places about a nude stag who was jailed in Slovakia and then got the British consular officials to get him freed therefore circumventing the local laws.

Stupid Brit Abroad

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The man, if you can call him that – Stephen Mallone, managed to decide it was a good idea to parade himself naked in a fountain in the centre of Bratislava, all supposedly in the spirit of a stag night. Really????

What wasn’t told in our papers, but was in the Slovak and Czech papers was that the person in question was masturbating in the fountain, and it has been suggested they might have broken monuments, etc in the town. That is criminal damage, and the laws that govern Slovakia mean that you spend time in jail.

If that was done here in the UK, they would be locked up for indecent exposure and if they did break monuments as had been suggested, then it is criminal damage.

Why is it that when Brits go abroad they think it is perfectly acceptable to do what they please regardless of the local laws. Even despite the fact they flouted local laws, they are breaking laws that apply to the same things here in the UK.

The fact it appeared in Slovak and Czech newspapers and on their TV as well show just how stupid this moron is. The Slovaks should have told the British consular to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. This moron is the type of person who gives the Brits a bad name abroad, and I am tired of locals abroad assuming I will do the same because I am English, not acceptable. And plus why should I have to pay for moron like this to break local laws and have the British taxpayer get them home and free them.

They should have made an example of this twat, if we had Slovaks here doing that, they would have rightly locked up and the press here would have made some snide comments about Eastern Europeans rampaging our cities.

The aforementioned Stephen Mallone, had a £20K wedding planned and was going to miss it. I think if he had missed it, it would have served simple justice and given anyone else who might be thinking to do the same thing when abroad notice that it is unacceptable to be such a prick when abroad. He should have his passport taken away from him.

The sad thing is he was let off and why when he should have stayed in jail.

Just wish there was a way to stop these chavs behaving like this. We really need a reality check when our Foreign Office is saving people like this.

For those who understand Slovak, here is the story in Slovak

Caused quite a stir

Caused quite a discussion as you can see when you click on here

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iceman said...

Not a surprise, this sort of thing always happens abroad and English people's reputation precedes them nowadays.

They should have locked him up to miss his wedding, that'd have taught him.

Of course the British media didn't report what really happened - it only ever reports one side of the story anyway, so that doesn't surprise me.

Speakers Corner said...

Iceman, the english people's reputation preceding them is what makes me embarrassed.

We have gone from planting our flags in places to claim them to causing criminal damage and being the yobs.

I would really like the Slovaks and Czechs to comment and say what they thought. I had one tell me that they wish they could throw us out of the country for such behaviour.

Any other Slovaks or Czechs want to comment, please do.

iceman said...

I'm in complete agreement. I'm not suggesting that it's unfair that our reputation precedes us nowadays - more that this sort of thing regularly happens abroad, and it's disappointing to be almost embarrassed to admit you're English when you're in another country.

If the shoe was on the other foot we'd be kicking up a right stink.