Monday, February 05, 2007

Well done Indianapolis Colts

Yesterday was the day of the Super Bowl, and the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears were playing.

I stayed up like more and more people are doing in the UK to watch the game live. I am sure my neighbours really appreciated me having my TV up loud at 3am in the morning as I watched the game.

The game was quite good, and despite the numerous turnovers, partly due to the nervousness of the players and the continued rain that they were playing in, it was a good game to watch. I knew the Colts were favourites, but the way the Bears got going was a surprise, I didn't expect them to make such a jump out. But as before the Colts pulled their way back, and finally nailed the Bears and put them down.

Just glad I had the day off, otherwise I am not sure I would have survived the day at work on just over 2 hours sleep.

Plus the announcement that there is to be a game at Wembley is great news for all the fans here in the UK, one can hope that there isn't a screw up with the stadium, otherwise a major embarrassment for us. I have already signed up the list that is requesting tickets, just hoping I get some.

Roll on 28th October 2007, and hopefully my Cowboys will do better next season.

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