Thursday, December 07, 2006

Petition for English Parliament

For those who have read my blog of recent, you will know I am supporting the campaign for an English Parliament, to give us English a say in our own country, not to let it be run by those who are elected north of the border, who can't have a say in their own countries affairs, but are happy to ruin our England. Examples like Gordon Brown, John Reid, and many other Scottish MPs who remit for their own people is less than it is for us English

Petition for English Parliament

And as the government launched e-Petition and Tony Blair has admitted that the English want their own parliament and government, but is unwilling to give it to us. Nice touch in democracy Tony. Why don't you force through an English Parliament before Gordon comes along and ensure you have a legacy for the English, because we want our own parliament, we want to have control of what is ours. How about it?

For those who believe that England should have its own parliament, sign up, you never know it might actually happen. Worth dreaming


Toque said...

Join the Witanagemot Club and join with a load of other bloggers that feel the same way.

3 lions said...

Amen to that, the call is getting louder.

Jane said...

Interesting, I thought the United States was the only country without borders. . . I call my country "Mexico North" now. The powers-that-be here are slowly but surely turning everything over to the illegals (from any country). There are several groups attempting to keep America "American", but they are spotted throughout this huge country and do not seem to be very cohesive even with the internet. We are imploding on so many foundational levels, it is just a matter of time before the USofA is one big 'has been'. Before I read your posts, I thought maybe a possible solution would be to 'move to England' . . . Hah!