Friday, February 24, 2006


What is it?

It is a number for sure, but today it signifies more, it is the age I am now, another year has gone by another notch on the body has been added and I am now 33, never to be 32 again.

A lot has happened this past year that has gone by since I became 33. This time last year I was unemployed, I was without a partner, I was just beginning my second year of my OU and struggling. I didn’t even feel inclined to go out and celebrate my birthday because I felt there was little or nothing to celebrate.

Now, a year later, I have been working for nearly 9 months now in a job that holds a lot of promise for the future especially in extending my career. I am living with my partner now for the past 6 months and looking ever forward to more time together as we will go away this year to Paris (my anniversary/valentines present to her), trip around Eastern Europe for two weeks, visit a friend in Belfast as well. Also I am now in my third of four years on my OU course, finding it hard work, but when was level 3 of a degree ever going to be easy!!!

I have a lot more to look forward to, out tonight with Z and a dear friend of mine and his partner as well, a nice evening to look forward to, something which I certainly didn’t expect and certainly couldn’t have foreseen to happen previously.

There are those who aren’t around to celebrate which is a shame, it would be nice to have them around and join in the evening of what will be laughter, fun, etc.

Things are much more settled, more planned than for a long time, a lot of that comes down to Z, and the hope she gives me. I still have my moments where things get too difficult, but Z has really become a great rock in my life, and I try everyday to make sure she knows it.

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ian said...

Happy birthday mate - just got back from the UK oddly enough, sadly Wales isn't very close to London or I'd have popped in!

Hope you had a great time